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ClickStream is a free to play (“FREEMIUM”) gaming app built on an analytics platform that caters to the untapped market of casual users that will spend a few seconds to interact with a platform for free in order to win real money. Our primary target is not the sports betters or the fantasy players, who will join over time, but rather individuals who enjoy the low barrier to entry of entering a quick contest (short time investment) with the chance to win a prize (thrill of winning something for free).

Our games will initially be quick to play quiz type games that allow the user to get involved in around 20 seconds, and then receive results from push notifications. Game types are set up dynamically. Because the format doesn’t change, we can run games nightly for NBA to NHL, NFL to individual events such as the Oscars, other awards shows, and new sporting events such as Soccer and NASCAR. Games and events can be automated from the backend of the operating system and launched automatically. APIs are plugged in to track results in real time, and there is a manual option to allow customs events that can be run through the platform.

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