DraftClick takes the analytical labor out of information aggregation. According to our users’ needs, we customize analytical output to provide intelligence in the hopes of predicting the results of fantasy sporting events.

As new and important data becomes available, DraftClick aggregates and correlates that data with other relevant and important information in order lend intelligence to the user’s decision-making process.

Giving players a competitive edge on fantasy sports betting through our Team Selection tools by using our Proprietary algorithms that convert big data and statistics into a simple, easy to use and understand predictive information toolset.

Users can login and use the Draftclick tools to create their fantasy sports lineups, choose between two players on the Compare Players pages and use the Build a Team feature to export their lineups to the major fantasy sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel.

Ready to become part of the Draftclick revolution and gain an edge on your fantasy sports lineups?

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